Difetti Refrattivi

Trattamento PRK

PRK is a laser treatment for shortsightedness, longsightedness, and astigmatism. In addition, with custom laser treatments night-time glare may also be reduced. Compared to LASIK, PRK does not use a cutting tool as there is no need to create a flap within the cornea. Using anaesthetic drops, your Doctor will numb your eyes. Special drops will then be applied to loosen a thin layer at the front of the eye. After a short period of time, a surgical sponge will be applied to soak up excess liquid. Your doctor will then carefully remove the front thin layer. This layer will heal naturally after approximately 4 days. Removing the outer layer exposes the underlying tissue which is suitable for laser treatment. You will then be asked to look at a blurry light. Once you are ready, the laser is applied. Advanced computer calculations determine the number of laser pulses from measurements taken before surgery. Once the laser treatment is complete, a temporary contact lens is applied to allow the eye to heal.