Difetti Refrattivi


If you're shortsighted, can you imagine seeing clearly without contact lenses, spectacles or surgery? Do your eyes feel dry and irritated after prolonged wear of contact lenses? Think of the freedom of being able to do all the things you've ever wanted to do with clear, comfortable vision, without having to rely on glasses or contact lenses. Imagine seeing clearly from morning, till night! Well, now you can. There is a scientifically safe and proven technique called Overnight Vision Correction or OVC. This technique uses specially designed contact lenses that gently reshape the front of your eyes while you sleep. This has the effect of correcting your vision. So, when you remove the lenses your vision is clear! OVC is reversible. If you stop treatment, your eyes return to normal. Treatment is suitable for shortsightness, or myopia. Overnight Vision Correction can treat prescriptions up to -5.00D. OVC lenses are made using materials that are highly permeable to oxygen. Therefore, they have been approved by the FDA for overnight wear. Free yourself from spectacles and contact lenses with Overnight Vision Correction. It's the natural way to see!