Difetti Refrattivi

Lenti Intraoculari

A versatile treatment for nearly all optical errors is the Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) or phakic IOL. Implantable lenses do not interefere the eye's natural lens. ICL treatment involves placing an implantable lens either behind the iris or infront of the iris. Vision will be clear for distance, intermediate and near visual tasks. Phakic IOLs are ideal for anyone who wants clear vision without spectacles, contact lenses, or where procedures such as LASIK and PRK have been contraindicated. ICL treatment is used to treat a wide range of optical prescriptions such as myopia (up to -22D), hyperopia (up to +12D) and also astigmatism. Although Phakic IOLs are left in the eye permanently, they can be removed and replaced if necessary. Further advantages of Implantable Contact Lenses include: a fast recovery time and low risk of ocular complications. Compared to laser based treatments, you will notice significantly less glare at night.