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Lenti a Contatto Toriche

There are three main optical errors that can cause blurred vision. These are: Myopia, where distance is blurred. Hyperopia, where near vision is blurred; and Astigmatism, where all distances are blurred. Eyes without Astigmatism have a round shape and a fixed focussing power over its surface. Eyes with Astigmatism have an oval shape and variable power. A number of soft contact lenses can correct Astigmatism. In order to correct Astigmatism, soft lenses should not rotate on the eye. Soft lenses for Astigmatism are different to conventional soft contact lenses to prevent them from rotating on the eye. These lenses correct Astigmatism by matching the power variation on the lens with that of the eye by aligning with one another when applied to the eye. Many people wearing older design lenses notice intermittent blurring as the eyes move in different directions due to the lenses rotating out of alignment on the eye. New stabilisation technology and ultra-thin edges mean that modern soft contact lenses provide high levels of comfort and excellent stable vision. With modern soft lenses, vision will be clear in all directions of gaze. The latest generation of soft lenses for Astigmatism are available as monthly, two-weekly and daily disposable. Ask for the latest soft lenses for Astigmatism for great comfort, convenience and excellent vision no matter what you're thinking of doing!