Lenti a Contatto

You're a small step from a new you with contact lenses! After a little practice you will find applying contact lenses takes only seconds. Hygiene is very important in contact lens wear. You will need: your contact lenses, oil free soap and a lint free towel or paper towels. Perform lens application in a well lit room. Use a good quality mirror. Always wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses. Inspect the lens for dust particles or defects to its surface. The lid margin is just outside the eye lashes. When applying the lens to the LEFT eye, use your LEFT hand's index finger to hold the lens. Place your middle finger at the lower lid margin. Place the middle finger of your other hand at the upper lid margin. Gently pull the upper and lower lids apart and apply the lens to the coloured area of the eye. If the lens is on the white of the eye, look to the opposite side. Then, anchor the edge of the lens through your eyelids and look towards it to reposition it. Always wear lenses according to your practitioners recommendations.